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The Best Jellyfish Lamp – with Seahorses!

Looking for unique gift ideas? Well, you can call off the search, because you’ve most definitely found something awesome right here with our JINX Luminous Jellyfish® lamp – now available with seahorses as well!

This luminous jellyfish fantasy mood lamp is unlike any other. The lamp uses vibrant, realistic light-up jellyfish or seahorses made from silicone that dance elegantly through the water. The jellyfish and seahorses are illuminated by LED lights for an amazing and electric effect in any room.

When we registered our jellyfish lamp under Australian Design Nos 201513967 and 201514939, we made sure our build quality was exceptional so that our tanks were superior to competitors. Our jellyfish tanks guarantee non-stop and problem-free operation, even when run continuously month after month. Most other tanks typically cannot operate for more than 4 hours at a time, and have a critical design flaw.

Beware of the imitations!

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Some Call It The ‘Jellyfish Lava Lamp’

The light-up tank is lined with a total of 18 LED lights that gradually transition between a variety of bright, neon colours. Alternatively, our jellyfish lamp can be set to stay on a single colour to suit your preference or match your current mood.

The blue, red and green lights mix together in different colours that glow brightly through the silicone skin, producing an awe-inspiring visual experience as the neon colours shine brilliantly. Whether you use it specifically for decor or just as a relaxing mood light, these luminous fantasy lamps are a striking addition to any home and perfect as fun and unusual gift ideas.

Unlike a traditional lava lamp, however, our large jellyfish lamps operate cool. No risk of accidental burns when touching them.

Don’t wait for stock of this fantastic light-up fantasy gadget to run out! Order yours right here online today and have it delivered to your address anywhere in Australia or overseas.


After a long tiring day at work, I love to sit down and look at my beautiful jellyfish lamp in the living room. The random swaying movements of the colourful Jellyfish calm down my nerves and help me relax. The Jinx jellyfish light is the best mood lamp I have found.

R. Rakesh – Rockhampton, Qld
We use the JINX Luminous Jellyfish mood lamp in our dental clinic in Sydney. We keep the lamp running continuously throughout the day in the waiting room and never had any issues. We find that it creates a soothing, pleasant and positive atmosphere for our patients.
S. Pederson – Sydney, NSW
We used to have a lava lamp in the kids bedroom but I was always worried about them touching it because it gets really hot and can burn their fingers. But, this year we bought a JINX Luminous Jellyfish mood lamp and the kids are loving it even more than their old lava lamp. The vibrant colours are incredible and the lamp never gets hot to touch so it is much safer.

Bradshaw – Port Macquarie NSW
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