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Jellyfish Lamp Light Shade – For Use With Bright Ambient Lighting


Want to use your amazing JINX Luminous Jellyfish® lamp in a bright surrounding environment such as direct sunlight or strong indoor lighting? Now you can with our new custom light shade.

In bright light, without the custom light shade, the tank will be transparent to look through but the LEDs will not be as strong as the ambient lighting. Using the custom light shade will make the tank appear as if it were in the dark.

The custom light shade is designed to blackout three sides of the jellyfish tank. This great addition to your mood lamp provides a dark background against which your jellyfish can really glow.

In addition, we also have some wonderful ocean-themed background images available for purchase. These can be added to the inside of the light shade, adding a new level of customisation for the World’s No.1 Mood Lamp!


The JINX Luminous Jellyfish® lamp light shade creates a dark background for the jellyfish, just like it was night-time.

Now, your jellyfish led mood lamp can be used during the daytime, or in brighter surroundings. The shade blocks out incoming light from three directions and provides the dark background against which the jellyfish glow brightly.

The shade has been designed with a custom cutout panel to allow easy access to both the power input and the control button. Easy to install, the jellyfish tank light shade simply slips over the top of the lamp and slides down to cover the back and sides.

The light shade is also used to install our new jellyfish tank backgrounds. These ocean-themed backgrounds slip neatly into the light shade and are visible through the front of the lamp.

Jellyfish Lamp Light Shade Features

  • Blocks light from the back and sides of the jellyfish tank.
  • Use the lamp in bright surroundings or during the daytime.
  • Easy to install and easily removed when you want to see all side of the lamp.
  • Custom cutout provides access to power socket and control button.
  • Optional ocean-themed backgrounds are available.


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