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JINX Jellyfish Lamp


New Alternative to
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JINX Jellyfish Lamp

The JINX Jellyfish lamp is a beautiful and soothing novelty mood lamp designed in Australia and sold worldwide.

Manufactured with quality and longevity in mind, our jellyfish mood lamp can run continuously for months at a time. Additionally, it’s cool and quiet LED technology delivers a range of selectable colours and auto-operation settings. Furthermore, for ultimate peace-of-mind, this incredible lamp comes with an unbeatable 2-year warranty.

View the product information to learn more about our Jellyfish mood lamp. Alternatively, click the “View More” button below to see more images and videos of the JINX Jellyfish Lamp in action.

Seahorses – New Alternative
to the Jellyfish

Every JINX Jellyfish mood lamp includes two silicone jellyfish specially designed to catch and glow with the lights of the tank.

As a new alternative to the jellyfish we now offer silicone seahorses. Similarly to the jellyfish, these seahorses are designed to catch the LED light from the tank and reflect beautiful neon patterns back to the viewer.

Buy now or learn more about the seahorses. Alternatively, click the “View More” button to see further example images of the seahorses.

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