Sea Balls/Jelly Bubbles Bundle

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Sea Balls/Jelly Bubbles Bundle

Sea Balls/Jelly Bubbles Bundle

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A combination of the outstanding JINX Luminous Jellyfish lamp with some of our newest accessories.

The Jelly Bubbles and Sea Balls add colour and a little bit of magic to the lamp. Starting off small (1-2mm), they expand to 10-19mm once added to water. The Jelly Bubbles or Sea Balls refract and reflect the LED lights of the lamp to create an ever-changing interplay of colour and motion.

The Sea Balls/Bubbles Bundle contains;

  • 1 x JINX Luminous LED Jellyfish Lamp (including jellyfish).
  • 1 x Pack of Sea Balls OR Jelly Bubbles.

Add extra motion and colour to your jellyfish lamp and enjoy the show.


Jellyfish Lamp + Sea Balls/Jelly Bubble Bundle

Get that lava lamp atmosphere with added colour and motion

The Sea Balls or Jelly Bubbles can make your mood lamp even more like a jellyfish lava lamp. Use these accessories by themselves or add in together with the included jellyfish.

JINX Luminous LED Jellyfish Lamp

This jellyfish light is lined with a total of 18 LED lights, creating an amazing effect in any room it’s placed in. The lights gradually transition between a variety of vibrant neon colours or can be set to stay on a single colour. Choose your preference for any mood.

Included with the jellyfish lamp are two large silicone jellyfish that swim around the tank in ever-changing patterns. The tank LED lights reflect and make the jellyfish glow across a spectrum of colours.

The JINX Luminous Jellyfish is one of the largest jellyfish lamps on the market. We also believe, it has the best build quality of any you’ll find. They are great as children’s night lights, desk lamps, or sensory lights for ADHD or autism. Because of the LED lights, these are safe, cool lamps for kids; a great alternative to lava lamps. With this bundle, though, you’ll still get that lava lamp feel of swirling motion and colour. The JINX Luminous Jellyfish lamp is a fun mood light for anywhere around the house.

Jellyfish lamp power supply

The JINX Luminous Jellyfish® LED lamp plugs into a standard power outlet and is therefore packaged with a mains transformer. The type of mains transformer required is based upon the electricity supply of the country the electric jellyfish lamp will be used in. The two types of available transformer are;

  • 230 Volt AU/NZ type 50Hz AC mains transformer (pin style suited to standard Australian/New Zealand plug type).
  • 110 Volt USA type 60Hz AC mains transformer (pin style suited to standard USA plug type).

On purchase, please confirm which mains transformer type you require. Base your choice upon the electrical supply of the country where the lamp is to be used.

Note: You may need to purchase an additional travel adapter if your country does not use either the Australian or USA style electrical mains sockets.

Sea Balls

Sea Balls can add a bit of magic to your jellyfish lamp. They start small, but once added to water they slowly grow to approximately 10-19mm in size. Once grown, they appear as balls in a range of solid colours. Use them by themselves, or add them together with the jellyfish.

Jelly Bubbles

Similar to the Sea Balls, except the Jelly Bubbles appear as textured translucent bubbles instead of solid colours once fully grown. Jelly Bubbles are a great addition to enhance your jellyfish lava lamp setup.

Weight 1.9 kg
Dimensions 21 × 21 × 48 cm
Lamp Version

110V USA 60Hz AC Transformer, 230V AU/NZ 50Hz AC Transformer

Bubbles or Balls

Jelly Bubbles, Sea Balls


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