Best Accessories for your LED Jellyfish Mood Lamp

Best Accessories for your LED Jellyfish Mood Lamp

Accessories for the JINX Luminous Jellyfish LED Mood Lamp

When we first designed the JINX Luminous Jellyfish lamp, we focussed on quality. We wanted it to be the best jellyfish LED mood lamp on the market.

We soon realised, however, that it could be so much more than just a great jellyfish lamp. That was when we released our creative energies and had fun coming up with new ideas and accessories.

Jellyfish Lights With More Than Just Jellyfish

The first idea that sprang to mind was; can our jellyfish light work with other sea creatures?

We wanted something that was a little unusual but still fun. Top of our list became; let’s make a seahorse lamp version.

Turning our LED jellyfish lamp into a seahorse lamp (or a general aquarium lamp) involved a fair amount of testing. It is vital to get the weighting correctly matched with the strength of the lamp pump. This way the seahorses are sufficiently buoyant to move around the tank without getting stuck.

Other sea creatures are on our list to develop for our jellyfish lamp ‘aquarium’.

What sea creatures do you think would work well, or that you would like to see in your own jellyfish tank?

Using the LED Mood Lamp Under Brighter Ambient Conditions

We saw a need and desire to use the lamp under normal lighting conditions (not only as a night light).

The movements of the jellyfish are hypnotic and calming, along with the colour cycling (great as sensory lighting). This makes our jellyfish lamps great for locations such as childcare centres, doctors surgeries and massage therapists.

Due to the indoor daylight conditions of these sorts of premises, however, the ambient conditions can be a little too bright. Whilst the LED lights of the lamp are quite powerful for their size, in brighter light, the full impact of the colours can be reduced.

To reduce the amount of incoming ambient brightness affecting the jellyfish light, we designed our jellyfish lamp light shade.

The light shade surrounds the lamp on three sides, effectively blocking light from outside the jellyfish tank. The jellyfish lamp light shade is also shaped to allow ease of access to the control buttons and power inputs. Additionally, the light shade is made of black plastic. It creates the perfect background to show off the light colours and movements of the jellyfish (or seahorses).

Could you see people enjoying one of these mood lamps at your home or work?

Making the LED Jellyfish Mood Lamp More Like a Jellyfish Aquarium

Whilst gazing at the motion and colour of the jellyfish, it is fun to imagine an underwater world.

To help enhance this imaginary play we designed a number of jellyfish light backdrops that fit with the light shade. You can now watch the jellyfish play against the background of a coral reef or ocean scene.

As with the light shade, the backdrops have been specifically shaped to avoid any obstruction of the controls buttons.

What backgrounds would you like to see added (or maybe it is “sea added”)?

Novelty Accessories for our LED Jellyfish Lamp

Whether you want your novelty lamp to look more like an aquarium with seas creatures, or make it more similar to a lava lamp with jellyfish, we have accessories to suit.

To get more of the abstract lava lamp feel to your jelly fish light, try our two new accessories; our magic expanding Sea Balls, and Jelly Bubbles.

Both start as tiny balls that, once added to the water of your jellyfish tank, will begin to expand to many times their original size. The Sea Balls expand to a selection of opaque coloured balls, whereas the Jelly Bubbles become striated, translucent bubbles.

Each ball or bubble grows to around 10-12mm in diameter. They create a fascinating counterpoint to the sea creatures. Alternatively, they can be used alone to create an abstract flowing display more akin to a traditional lava lamp.

What other accessories do you think would enhance the JINX Luminous lamp? 

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