Things to think about when choosing kids room lights and night lights.

The most important thing for a kid’s lamp or bedroom night light is that it should be fun. Nothing connects with a child more than that element of enjoyment.

As a parent, however, your kid’s bedroom light needs a little more thought. When you are choosing your children’s lights, there are a number of other factors to consider.

Night Light Safety Issues

The first and foremost thing as a parent when choosing a kids lamp or night light is safety. Of course, you want them to love their light, but not at the expense of their well-being.

Burns can be an issue with some lights. Some, such as lava lamps, use heat to cause the liquids inside to mix and swirl. This causes the outer casing to become hot.

The JINX Luminous Jellyfish lamp is a great alternative to a lava lamp for kids. The LED lights the jellyfish lamp uses are cool-running and do not heat up the outer tank. It can be used as a children’s bedside lamp without fear they will accidentally touch it.

Motion vs Static Kids Lamp

Most kid’s lamps, such as the dinosaur night light have fun designs but are static; they have no motion to them.

Table lamps such as lava lamps and the JINX jellyfish lamp feature moving elements. This motion instils a sense of wonder and fascination in children (and adults too). They can watch the random and ever-changing movements for ages.

Additionally, with both these styles of table lamps, the movements are fluid and graceful. This creates a sense of peace and calmness whilst watching them.

Battery vs Mains Powered Lamp

There are many novelty lamps which operate solely on battery power. Whilst this is absolutely Ok for many uses, these styles of children’s lamp can’t be run continually. Additionally, if used as a light for night time, they run the risk of running out of power when they are needed most.

Choosing a bedside lamp with a mains adaptor ensures that they will be on should your child wake at night.

A Bedroom Lamp With Single Colour vs Multi-lighting modes

There are concerns that lamps with too much brightness or more blue coloured light can affect children’s sleep patterns. Selecting a kid’s lamp with warmer coloured light will mitigate this and help them sleep better at night.

The JINX Luminous Jellyfish lamp has multiple single-colour modes as well as a multi-colour mode that changes continuously. This makes it simple to set the lamp to warm colours at night and any desired colour mode during the day.

The JINX Luminous Jellyfish Kids Lamp

Our jellyfish bedside lamp is safe to use and runs for extended times without turning off. It charms and entrances children with its gently moving jellyfish and makes a great choice for a kids night light.

Buy your JINX jellyfish children’s lamp now from our online store; your kids won’t be disappointed.