Jellyfish Lamp Comparisons

Jellyfish tank light size comparison
Jellyfish Lamp Comparisons

Not all jellyfish mood lamps are made equally. We’ve done some jellyfish lamp comparisons between the amazing JINX Luminous Jellyfish lamp and and other alternatives of jellyfish lighting on the market.

Jellyfish Lamp Comparison Table

JINX Luminous Jellyfish

Most Competitor Jellyfish Lamps

SizeLarge mood lamp measuring 36 cm x 13.5 cm x 13.5 cm. Holds approximately 4 litres of water.Smaller size tanks, often 2x – 3x smaller volume.
OperationDurable long life water pump designed to run continuously 24/7 with no heat buildup and low noise.Small DC motors not designed to run continuously for long periods.
FilterEasy to use removeable foam filter – wash under a tap to clean.No filter or non-replaceable filter.
WaterSupports tap water or distilled / demineralised water. No need to add any dish washing detergent to the water.Requires distilled water and often dish washing detergent to be added to the water.
LEDs18 high-brightness bubble LEDs with 8 x colour cycle modesWeaker LED lights with less colour options.
JellyfishLarge transparent jellyfish with vivid colours.Less transparent silicone jellyfish with inferior paintwork and colouring.
Visual Movement of JellyfishUndistorted.Distorted on round-shaped tanks.
DesignCompletely removeable open top design for easy setup and allowing LED lights to shine onto ceiling above.Closed top / awkward rubber plug design making setup difficult and no ceiling lighting effects.
AccessoriesSupports multiple add-on accessories (sold separately) including Baby Jellyfish, Seahorses, Jelly Bubbles, Sea Balls and Jellyfish Lampshade with ocean-themed backgrounds.No accessories available.
PowerChoice of AC transformer (plug-in) or Universal USB Type-C for the International Model.Some are only battery powered; others come with a transformer.
PackagingHigh-quality full-colour packaging box with thick protective foam top and bottom.Thin carboard box with weak colours and very little protection for the mood lamp.
Lamp FinishThick, sturdy polished tank with peel off protective plastic film to prevent scratching during transportation.Thin, unpolished plastic tank with no protective film.
Safety & LabellingTested and labelled to all relevant Australian and International safety standards.Safety tests and labelling often omitted.
Design & ManufactureAustralian designed and registered IP.Designed and made in China.
Rigorously TestedManufacturing process includes 10-day water leakage test plus independent pump and LED light tests to ensure low fault rate,No mention of manufacturing QC processes. Often have high fault rates due to water leakage or motor burnout.
Warranty2-year warrantyEither not stated or 3-12 months.

Additional Mood Lamp Comparison Notes

Whilst the table above highlights the difference between JINX Luminous Jellyfish and other jellyfish lights, there are a few additional elements worthwhile highlighting.

The low heat buildup is a definitive advantage in comparison to lava lamps. High heat is required for lava lamps to operate properly. This often becomes a safety issue if the desired use is for a kids lamp. The smooth sensory lighting motion of the jellyfish in the JINX Luminous lamp is similar in many ways to the lava lamp motion. Because of this, it is often called a “Jellyfish Lava Lamp”.

Also, unlike static mood lamps which are basically just a shaped series of LED lights, the JINX Luminous Jellyfish Lamp is more interactive. The continuous motion keeps children (and adults) entertained. For this reason they make great kids’ lamps and sensory lamps.

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